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IWT sells many top quality tools for your electrical and other needs. Below you can find the tools that you need for the job!!


1002 is a great tool with many functions. Wire Stripper 22-10Gauge; Insulated and Non Insulated Crimper 22-10Gauge, Threaded Bolt Cutters, and Spark Plug Crimp.


The 2016 Is a great kit for you, It comes with Non Insulated 22-8Gauge, Insulated 22-10 Gauge, Open Barrel, Flag terminals, Coaxial RG-6 and RG-59, and a Spark Plug Crimper


The IWT-1 is a great wire tie tool For TRS-TRL wire ties it offers speed and efficiency.  It allows you to set the tension for the wire /cable ties cuts with clean break. 18-50LBS Ties.


This Pocket Solder is very handy and easy to use. Low Melting Alloy with Fast Acting Flux 40% Tin 60% Lead.  Diameter .062  weight .9 OZ


1006 Tool is a handy wire cutter and non insulated wire crimper 22-10 gauge.


The HDT-48-00 is the Deutsch Crimper used for the closed barrel Deutsch Terminals, Great Tool with its four side crimp. DTM, DT, DTP, HDP, Series terminal.


The IWT-2 is a great wire tie tool For TRL HD -LK-5 wire ties it offers speed and efficiency.  It allows you to set the tension for the wire /cable ties cuts with clean break. 120-150LBS Ties.


Heavy Duty Industrial Heat Gun with temp ranging from 500'-750'F pivots on stand or can be hand held. nozzle opening of 1.18" Air Flow 23CFM


SKT-840 is a great quick lug crimper good for BCL, HDL, and other Battery Terminals and Lugs. 8-4/O Hammer Indent Crimping


The BIG-L Hydraulic Lug Crimper is Great Hex Crimp Tool for Battery Terminals especially HDL and BCL lugs.  It will Crimp 7AWG-350MCM It can handle it all. The Kit comes with All Dies which are quick and easy to change, Wire chart is in the Case. Light weight and very easy to crimp. Crimps 4/O with less then 5 lbs of force.


8913440  Is the Delphi Packard Crimping Tool for all series Packard Terminals. Crimps Open Barrel Terminals while at the same time Folds the support around the wire jacket making it twice as fast.


The 2016-DTK is a Deutsch Tool Crimp Kit that has 3 Crimpers 1 22-20AWG for the DTM series

18-14AWG for the DT Series

a open barrel style crimper and 3 metal removal tools with a hard case 

GB-4001 & Bernzomatic

Booth Torches are great tools for Heat Shrink and Solder and many other applications. Take your pick we supply both of the top of the line torches


45-292 Is a fast and easy way to get exact Wire Strips, This wire stripper strips wire can strip 24-10 Gauge wires in less then a sec.


Micro Heat Gun is a 2 Speed/Temperature Settings: 250 degreeC (Low)/350 degreeC (High) Quiet operation. Great for shrink tubing and terminals.


CAN-B is triple refined Butane. The Butane won't clog your tool with dirt and grime like other brands may. Each long lasting canister of RF-300 Butane gas contains 150 grams of premium grade butane gas.

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