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Indianapolis Wire and Terminal is an electrical distributor and manufacture that has been in business for over 28 years.  We take pride in our service and the products that we sell and manufacture.  IWT sells to many customers and manufacturers nationwide.  IWT sells top of the line great made electrical products. Our sales and production team takes pride in our great service, while focusing on our customers needs.   IWT stocks all inventory for quick response and delivery to customers.

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Great Products 


Indianapolis Wire and Terminal is a Wholesale Distributor and Manufacturer of  Electrical Products. We believe in our motto "Where Quality Starts and Service Begins"



IWT supplies: many types of wire 22AWG - 4/OAWG, Battery Cable, Welding Cable, Trailer Cable, GXL Automotive Wire, Bonded Wire, MTW, THHN, Duplex Wire, Control Cable, and much more...



IWT supplies: many different styles and sizes of terminals. All terminals from 22AWG - 4/OAWG with Non-Insulated, PVC Insulated, Nylon Insulated, Shrink Terminals, Battery Terminals, Packard, Deutsch, and much more...



IWT supplies: Wire Ties, Fuses, Fuse Holders, Spiral Wrap, Loom, Shrink Tubing, Tape, LED

Lighting, Switches, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Terminal Blocks, Trailer Plugs, Emergency LED Lighting and Much More...

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